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VOLUME 13(2020), NO. 1


1. Fixed point theorems of an implicit relation via C-class function in metric spaces

   by  A.H. Ansari, Valeriu Popa, Y. Mahendra Singh and M.S. Khan, pp. 01-10

    Abstract (pdf)


2. Discrete Chebyshev spectral projection methods for two dimensional Fredholm integral equations of the second kind

   by  Jitendra Kumar Malik and Bijaya Laxmi Panigrahi, pp. 11-27

    Abstract (pdf)


3. On complementation problem and number of ultra L-topologies in the lattice of L-topologies

   by  Pinky and T.P. Johnson, pp. 28-34

    Abstract (pdf)


4. Construction of distance equienergetic graphs through generalized composition

   by  Harishchandra S. Ramane, Daneshwari Patil, B. Parvathalu and K. Ashoka, pp. 35-41

    Abstract (pdf)


5. Submanifolds of generalized Lorentzian Sasakian space forms

   by  Avijit Sarkar and Sujoy Ghosh, pp. 42-50

    Abstract (pdf)


6. Double deferred f-statistical convergence of order α

   by  Şeyda Sezgek and İlhan Dağadur, pp. 51-59

    Abstract (pdf)


7. On coordinated strongly harmonic convex functions

   by  Nousheen Akhtar, Muhammad Uzair Awan, Muhammad Aslam Noor and Khalida Inayat Noor, pp. 60-68

    Abstract (pdf)


8. On existence and uniqueness of solutions for a class of coupled system of three term

fractional q-differential equations

   by  Ahmad Ahmadi and Mohammad Esmael Samei, pp. 69-80

    Abstract (pdf)


9. Basisness of eigenfunctions of a discontinuous Sturm-Liouville operator

   by  Volkan Ala and Khanlar R. Mamedov, pp. 81-87

    Abstract (pdf)


10. Growth of a solution of a q-difference-differential equation

   by  Renukadevi S. Dyavanal and Jyoti B. Muttagi, pp. 88-96

    Abstract (pdf)


11. Some fixed point results of contractive type mappings in cone Sb-metric spaces

   by  G.S. Saluja, pp. 97-114

    Abstract (pdf)


12. Geometric dynamics and wind theory

   by  C. Udrişte, I. Ţevy, S. Dinu and L.L. Petrescu, pp. 115-122

    Abstract (pdf)