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VOLUME 10(2017), NO. 2


1. Fixed point theorems for nonexpansive type mappings in metric spaces

with applications to functional equations

   by Rahul Shukla, Rajendra Pant and Hemant Kumar Nashine, pp. 143-157

    Abstract (pdf)


2. Proximal contraction involving best proximity point endowed with binary relation

   by Aftab Hussain, Muhammad Arshad and Mujahid Abbas, pp. 158-166

    Abstract (pdf)


3. Gauss type inequality for Sugeno integral

   by Ildar Sadeqi, Hassan Ghazanfary Asll and Bayaz Daraby, pp. 167-173

    Abstract (pdf)


4. Strong proximinality and rotundities in Banach spaces

   by Sahil Gupta and T.D. Narang, pp. 174-182

    Abstract (pdf)


5. The Nevanlinna-type parametrization for the operator Hamburger moment problem

   by Sergey M. Zagorodnyuk, pp. 183-199

    Abstract (pdf)


6. Common solution of a combination of split general variational-like inequality problems 

and a family of generalized asymptotically nonexpansive  mappings

   by Kaleem Raza Kazmi, Rehan Ali and Shuja Haider Rizvi, pp. 200-215

    Abstract (pdf)


7. New best proximity results on partial ordered metric spaces

   by Abdelbasset Felhi, pp. 216-230

    Abstract (pdf)


8. Relative harmonic m-convex functions and integral inequalities

   by Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor and Sabah Iftikhar, pp. 231-242

    Abstract (pdf)


9. Solution of  mixed equillibrium problems and multi-valued quasi-Φ-nonexpansive mappings

   by Bashir Ali and M.H. Harbau, pp. 243-256

    Abstract (pdf)


10. Connes-amenability of triangular Banach algebras

   by M.H. Sattari, pp. 257-262

    Abstract (pdf)


11. Krasnosel'skii fixed point theorems involving a class of convex-power condensing multivalued mappings

   by Afif Ben Amar, Mohamed Boumaiza and Sana Hadj Amor, pp. 263-279

    Abstract (pdf)


12. Identification of source term in time-fractional diffusion equations

   by Mohammad F. Al-Jamal, A. Baniabedalruhman and A.K. Alomari, pp. 280-287

    Abstract (pdf)