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VOLUME 11(2018), NO. 3 ­­


1. Applications of tripled fixed point theorems in C*-algebra valued generalized metric spaces

   by Animesh Gupta, Pankaj Tiwari, Saurabh Manro and Rashmi Rani, pp. 447-460

    Abstract (pdf)


2. Some new results for generalized T-contractions in cone s-generalized b-metric space over Banach algebra

   by Aziz Ahmed, J.N. Salunke and Vesna Šešum Cavić, pp. 461-471

    Abstract (pdf)


3. A common fixed point theorem for compatible maps satisfying a general contractive condition

of integral type on partial metric spaces

   by Özlem Acar, pp. 472-480

    Abstract (pdf)


4. Using an implicit function to prove common fixed point theorems

   by Mohammad Imdad, Rqeeb Gubran and Md Ahmadullah, pp. 481-495

    Abstract (pdf)


5. Semilattice ordered semi-rings with apartness

   by Daniel A. Romano, pp. 496-502

    Abstract (pdf)


6. Remarks on some fixed point results in ordered metric spaces

   by Aftab Alam, Mohammad Imdad, Omid Taghipour Birgani and Dragana Savić, pp. 503-508

    Abstract (pdf)


7. Common fixed point theorems of contractive mappings on cone 2-metric spaces over Banach algebras

   by Guangrong Wu and Liping Yang, pp. 509-519

    Abstract (pdf)


8. Tangential vector fields on Kendall shape space

   by Riadh Mtibaa and Salam Khan, pp. 520-527

    Abstract (pdf)


9. Three-step iterative scheme for a pair of multivalued nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces

   by G.S. Saluja, pp. 528-536

    Abstract (pdf)


10. Coincidence and common fixed points theorems for commuting G-monotone maps

in a complete metric space with graph

   by Bashir Ali and Adamu Yusuf Inuwa, pp. 537-546

    Abstract (pdf)


11. Existence results for second order abstract differential equation with impulses

   by Adel Jawahdou, pp. 547-557

    Abstract (pdf)


12. Generalizations of φ-contractions on C*-algebra-valued b-metric spaces with applications

   by Tran Van An and Le Thanh Quan, pp. 558-575

    Abstract (pdf)


13. Some approximate fixed point and approximate coincidence point theorems in b-metric spaces

   by M.O. Olatinwo, pp. 576-586

    Abstract (pdf)


14. Nonexistence results for a semi-linear equation with fractional derivatives on the Heisenberg group

   by Fatiha Benibrir and Ali Hakem, pp. 587-596

    Abstract (pdf)