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VOLUME 1(2008), NO. 1-2


1Some fixed point theorems on dualistic partial metric spaces
   by Ishak Altun and Hakan Simsek, pp. 01-08    PDF

2. On seminormed spaces defined by a sequence of Orlicz functions
   by Çigdem A. Bektaş, pp. 09-14    PDF

3. On the matrix functions
   by Mircea Bodnariu, pp. 15-24    PDF

4. Differential forms on moduli spaces of principal bundles
   by Francesco Bottacin, pp. 25-31    PDF

5. More on θ-compact spaces
   by Miguel Caldas and Saeid Jafari, pp. 33-42    PDF

6. A note on quasi-large subgroups in abelian group rings
   by Peter Danchev and Kostadin Nedelchev, pp. 43-45    PDF

7. Nonexistence of the conformally flat projectivised tangent bundle of a Finsler space with the Chern-Rund connection
   by Hiroshi Endo and Shigeo Fueki, pp. 47-62    PDF

8. Extensions in invexity theory
   by Ştefan Mititelu, pp. 63-70    PDF

9. A method which generates sharp estimations for big factori
   by Cristinel Mortici, pp. 71-74    PDF

10.On a class of general variational inequalities
   by Muhammad Aslam Noor, pp. 75-86    PDF

11. Some stability results for two hybrid fixed point iterative algorithms of Kirk-Ishikawa and Kirk-Mann type
   by Memudu Olaposi Olatinwo, pp. 87-96    PDF

12. Higher order geometry on almost Lie structures
   by Paul Popescu and Marcela Popescu, pp. 97-110    PDF

13. Chen-Ricci inequality for submanifolds of contact metric manifolds
   by Mukut Mani Tripathi, pp. 111-134    PDF

14. 2D Hessian Riemannian manifolds
   by Constantin Udrişte, Gabriel Bercu and Mihai Postolache, pp. 135-142    PDF

15. Null Lagrangian forms and Euler-Lagrange PDEs
   by Constantin Udrişte, Oltin Dogaru and Ionel Ţevy, pp. 143-156    PDF