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VOLUME 12(2019), NO. 3


1. Common fixed point theorems for weak Meir-Keeler type functions in cone metric spaces

   by  Yanyan Liu and Liping Yang, pp. 241-255

    Abstract (pdf)


2. Some fixed point results on S-metric spaces satisfying implicit relation

   by  G.S. Saluja, pp. 256-267

    Abstract (pdf)


3. Generalized α-nonexpansive multivalued mappings in CAT(0) space

   by  R. Sadhu and C. Nahak, pp. 268-283

    Abstract (pdf)


4. The study of univalence criteria linked with Pescar's-typed univalence criteria

   by  M.I. Faisal, pp. 284-288

    Abstract (pdf)


5. Reciprocal status connectivity indices of graphs

   by  Harishchandra S. Ramane and Saroja Y. Talwar, pp. 289-298

    Abstract (pdf)


6. Three solutions for a 2n-th-order boundary-value problem

   by  Osman Halakoo, Ghasem  A. Afrouzi and Mahdi Azhini, pp. 299-313

    Abstract (pdf)


7. On certain soliton and Ricci tensor of generalized (κ,υ) manifolds

   by  Avijit Sarkar, Pradip Bhakta and Matilal Sen, pp. 314-323

    Abstract (pdf)


8. Quasi-uniformity on BCK-algebras

   by  S. Mehrshad and J. Golzarpoor, pp. 324-332

    Abstract (pdf)


9. Some common fixed point theorems of Jungck-Fisher type for A-type mappings

   by  M.O. Olatinwo, pp. 333-340

    Abstract (pdf)


10. On some characterizations of Kenmotsu manifold

   by  Halil İbrahim Yoldaş and Erol Yaşar, pp. 341-349

    Abstract (pdf)


11. On fixed points of Ćirić-type contractive mappings over a C*-algebra valued metric space 

and Hyers-Ulam stability of fixed point problems

   by  Kushal Roy and Mantu Saha, pp. 350-363

    Abstract (pdf)