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VOLUME 13(2020), NO. 3


1. Higher order strongly uniform convex functions 

   by  Muhammad Aslam Noor and Khalida Inayat Noor, pp. 253-263

       Abstract (pdf)


2. A generalization of β-compact space and β-perfect functions 

   by  B.M. Uzzal Afsan, pp. 264-274

       Abstract (pdf)


3. General viscosity methods for solving equilibrium problems, variational inequality problems

and fixed point problems involving a finite family of multivalued  strictly pseudo-contractive mappings 

   by  T.M.M. Sow, pp. 275-293

       Abstract (pdf)


4. Partial cone rectangular metric spaces and fixed point theorems 

   by  Shishir Jain and Pooja Chaubey, pp. 294-301

       Abstract (pdf)


5. Intuitionistic fuzzy sets in Z-algebras 

   by  S. Sowmiya and P. Jeyalakshmi, pp. 302-310

       Abstract (pdf)


6. Approximation on weighted spaces with Bernstein-Chlodowsky Operators 

   by  Harun Çiçek, pp. 311-318

       Abstract (pdf)


7. On generalized (κ, ν)-space forms and their invariant submanifolds with quarter symmetric metric connections 

   by  Nirmal Biswas, pp. 319-330

       Abstract (pdf)


8. Some common and coincidence fixed points of weakly compatible mappings in cone metric spaces 

   by  D. Ramesh Kumar and V. Madhu, pp. 331-338

       Abstract (pdf)


9. On Hyers-Ulam stability of two singular fractional integro-differential equations 

   by  Alireza Kheiryan and Shahram Rezapour, pp. 339-349

       Abstract (pdf)


10. The connected total restrained geodetic domination number of a graph 

   by  P. Arul Paul Sudhahar and R. Umamaheswari, pp. 350-358

       Abstract (pdf)


11. Int-soft generalized bi-Γ-ideals of po-Γ-semigroups 

   by  Asghar Khan, Muhammad Junaid and Muhammad Izhar, pp. 359-374

       Abstract (pdf)


12. On pseudo-valuations on BE-algebras 

   by  S. Mehrshad, pp. 375-381

       Abstract (pdf)