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VOLUME 14(2021), NO. 1


1. On the some cohomological properties of Banach algebras 

   by  Hossein Eghbali Sarai and Kazem Haghnejad Azar, pp. 01-10

       Abstract (pdf)


2. Some fixed point theorems for generalized (ψ-φ)-weakly contractive mappings

in metrically convex metric spaces satisfying C-class function 

   by  G.S. Saluja, pp. 11-21

       Abstract (pdf)


3. Denumerably many positive solutions for iterative system of

singular fractional order boundary value problems 

   by  K. Rajendra Prasad, Mahammad Khuddush and M. Rashmita, pp. 22-33

       Abstract (pdf)


4. Some common fixed point theorems of six maps in S-metric spaces 

   by  Yumin Hong and Liping Yang, pp. 34-73

       Abstract (pdf)


5. Generalized weighted composition operators from weighted Bergman spaces

to Bloch-type spaces 

   by  Hamid Vaezi and Fereshteh Vasebi, pp. 74-84

       Abstract (pdf)


6. A Krasnoselskii-Mann type iteration for nonexpansive mappings in Hadamard spaces 

   by  Ali Moslemipour and Mehdi Roohi, pp. 85-93

       Abstract (pdf)


7. Some curves on three-dimensional N(k)-paracontact metric manifolds 

   by  Ashis Mondal, pp. 94-101

       Abstract (pdf)


8. On the new travelling wave solutions of a nonlinear conformable time fractional PDE via IBSEFM 

   by Ulviye Demirbilek, Volkan Ala and Khanlar R. Mamedov, pp. 102-108

       Abstract (pdf)


9. Existence of solutions for fractional order BVPs by mixed monotone ternary operator

with perturbation on Banach spaces 

   by  K. Rajendra Prasad, Mahammad Khuddush and D. Leela, pp. 109-125

       Abstract (pdf)


10. Fixed points of generalised rational α-Meir-Keeler contraction mappings

   by  M.R. Singh and Th. Bimol Singh, pp. 126-136

       Abstract (pdf)


11. A fractional mathematical model for COVID-19 transmission with Atangana-Baleanu derivative

   by  Hakimeh Mohammadi, pp. 137-152

       Abstract (pdf)


12. Convergence of Jungck-Schaefer and Jungck-Kirk-Mann iterations to the unique common

fixed point of Jungck generalized pseudo-contractive and Lipschitzian type mappings

   by  M.O. Olatinwo and J.O. Omidire, pp. 153-167

       Abstract (pdf)