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VOLUME 16(2023), NO. 1


1. Reconstruction of topological spaces from n points deleted subspaces

   by  A. Josephine Shilpa Devi and S. Monikandan, pp. 01-14

       Abstract (pdf)


2. C-κ-normality and C-mild normality topological properties

   by  Alya'a Al-Awadi, Lutfi Kalantan and Sadeq Thabit, pp. 15-21

       Abstract (pdf)


3. Fixed point theorems for Mizoguchi-Takahashi relation-theoretic contractions

   by  Shweta Rai and Satish Shukla, pp. 22-34

       Abstract (pdf)


4. Exponentially general variational inequalities

   by  Muhammad Aslam Noor and Khalida Inayat Noor, pp. 35-44

       Abstract (pdf)


5. Some fixed point theorems with rational type contraction in controlled metric spaces

   by  Wenhao Xu and Liping Yang, pp. 45-56

       Abstract (pdf)


6. Fixed point theorem in partially ordered metric spaces for generalized weak contraction mapping

satisfying rational type expression

   by  Joginder Paul and U.C. Gairola, pp. 57-65

       Abstract (pdf)


7. Some results on ψ-Hilfer Volterra-Fredholm fractional integro-differential equations

   by  V.V. Kharat, Shivaji Tate, M.T. Gophane and M.A. Gandhi, pp. 66-76

       Abstract (pdf)


8. Some results on the uniqueness of certain type of nonlinear differential polynomials with regard

to multiplicity sharing a small function

   by  Biswajit Saha and Subrata Pal, pp. 77-88

       Abstract (pdf)


9. On the novel generalizations of the Padovan sequence

   by  Orhan DiÈ™kaya and Hamza Menken, pp. 89-96

       Abstract (pdf)


10. Chain of the disparity measures: properties, relations and comparisons

   by  Praphull Chhabra, pp. 97-114

       Abstract (pdf)