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VOLUME 2(2009), NO. 1


1. On a study of distinguished structures of Hessian type on pseudo-Riemannian manifolds
   by Gabriel Bercu, Claudiu Corcodel and Mihai Postolache, pp. 01-16    PDF

2. Strong convergence of some iterative algorithms for pseudo-contractive mappings
   by Mengqin Li, pp. 17-24    PDF

3. Optimality and duality for invex multi-time control problems with mixed constraints
   by Ştefan Mititelu, pp. 25-34    PDF

4. On the eigenvalues of the laplacian
   by Cristinel Mortici and Alin Pohoaţă, pp. 35-40    PDF

5. Harmonic functions defined by a generalized fractional differential operator
   by Khalida Inayat Noor, Bushra Malik and Syed Zakar Hussain Bukhari, pp. 41-52    PDF

6. On Hermite-Hadamard integral inequalities for product of two nonconvex functions
   by Muhammad Aslam Noor, pp. 53-62    PDF

7. On the explicit characterization of admissible curve in 3-dimensional pseudo-Galilean space
   by Alper Osman Ögrenmiş and Mahmut Ergüt, pp. 63-72    PDF

8. Some convergence results for nonexpansive and quasi-nonexpansive operators
   by M. O. Olatinwo, O. O. Owojori and A. P. Akinola, pp. 73-80    PDF

9. New type dualities in PDI and PDE constrained optimization problems
   by Ariana Pitea, Constantin Udrişte and Ştefan Mititelu, pp. 81-90    PDF

10. The point spectra of generalized Hausdorff matrices
   by B. E. Rhoades, pp. 91-98    PDF

11. An implicit iteration method for a finite family of pseudocontractive mappings
   by Yonghong Yao, pp. 99-106    PDF

12. Helices of the 3-dimensional Finsler manifolds
   by Münevver Yildirim Yilmaz and Mehmet Bektaş, pp. 107-112    PDF