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VOLUME 2(2009), NO. 2


1. Wiener-Hopf equations technique for multivalued general variational inequalities
   by Eman Al-Shemas, pp. 01-08    PDF

2. The geodesics of a pseudo-Riemannian manifold
   by Gabriel Bercu, Claudiu Corcodel and Mihai Postolache, pp. 09-16    PDF

3. On the 2-dimensional interpolation
   by Ştefania Constantinescu and Adrian Neagoe, pp. 17-24    PDF

4. On (1,2)*-αĝ-closed sets
   by Saeid Jafari, M. Lellis Thivagar and Nirmala Mariappan, pp. 25-34    PDF

5. An integral formula in quaternion space form
   by Mihriban Külahcı, Mehmet Bektaş and Mahmut Ergüt, pp. 35-40    PDF

6. Invex sets and preinvex functions
   by Ştefan Mititelu, pp. 41-52    PDF

7. A note on the vertex PI index of graphs
   by Mojgan Mogharrab, Hamid Reza Maimani and Ali Reza Ashrafi, pp. 53-56    PDF

8. A double inequality involving Γ(r)1/r via the multiplication formula of Gauss
   by Cristinel Mortici, pp. 57-62    PDF

9. On the Jackson networks
   by Alina Petrescu-Niţă, pp. 63-68    PDF

10. Weakened Bertrand curves in the Galilean space G3
   by Handan Balgetir Öztekin, pp. 69-76    PDF

11. Stability of Gromov hyperbolicity
   by Ana Portilla, José M. Rodríguez and Eva Tourís, pp. 77-96    PDF

12. Necessary and sufficient condition for common fixed point theorems
   by B. E. Rhoades and Mujahid Abbas, pp. 97-102    PDF

13. On weakly symmetric (LCS)n-manifolds
by Absos Ali Shaikh and Tran Quoc Binh, pp/ 103-118    PDF