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VOLUME 3(2010), NO. 1


1. Factorable generalized Hausdorff matrices
   by F. Aydin Akgun and B. E. Rhoades, pp. 01-08    PDF

2. Metrizable linear connections in a Lie algebroid
   by Mihai Anastasiei, pp. 09-18    PDF

3. On the stochastic differential equalities
   by Mircea Bodnariu, pp. 19-32    PDF

4. On some new classes of sets and a new decomposition of continuity via grills
   by Esref Hatir and Saeid Jafari, pp. 33-40    PDF

5. Mond-Weir dualities with Lagrangians for multiobjective fractional and non-fractional variational problems
   by Ştefan Mititelu and Mihai Postolache, pp. 41-58    PDF

6. Nonconvex quasi variational inequalities
   by Muhammad Aslam Noor, pp. 59-72    PDF

7. Null Lagrangian forms on 2nd order jet bundles
   by Ariana Pitea, pp. 73-82    PDF

8. A new setting for higher order lagrangians in the time dependent case
   by Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu, pp. 83-92    PDF

9. Open problems risen by Constantin Udrişte and his research collaborators
   by Mihai Postolache and Ionel Ţevy, pp. 93-102    PDF

10. Fuzzy α-preirresolute functions
   by Ratnesh Kumar Saraf and Miguel Caldas, pp. 103-110    PDF

11. Regular permutations of quasigroups
   by Izabella Stuhl, pp. 111-116    PDF

12. The Weierstrass representation for minimal immersions in the Lie group H3 × S1
   by Essin Turhan and Talat Körpinar, pp. 117-124    PDF

13. A generalized Riccati equation method for nonlinear PDEs
   by Sheng Zhang, Ying-Na Sun, Jin-Mei Ba and Ling Dong, pp. 125-134    PDF