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VOLUME 4(2011), NO. 1


1. A uniqueness result on meromorphic functions sharing two sets
   by Abhijit Banerjee, pp. 01-10    PDF

2. A survey on constrained extrema
   by Oltin Dogaru and Mihai Postolache, pp. 11-42    PDF

3. Generalized Zeta Functions
   by Tian-Xiao He, pp. 43-48    PDF

4. Versor fields along a curve in a four dimensional Lorentz space
   by Bogdan Heroiu, pp. 49-56    PDF

5. Nonsmooth invex functions via upper directional derivative of Dini
   by Ştefan Mititelu and Mihai Postolache, pp. 57-76    PDF

6. Strongly nonlinear nonconvex variational inequalities
   by Muhammad Aslam Noor, pp. 77-84    PDF

7. Some Markov-Bernstein type inequalities and certain class of Sobolev polynomials
   by Dilcia Pérez and Yamilet Quintana, pp. 85-100    PDF

8. On the convergence and adherence of grills
   by V. Renukadevi, pp. 101-108    PDF

9. Mathematical model for new type of heat economizer
   by C. Stănăşilă, O. Stănăşilă, H. Ştefănoiu and D. Ştefănoiu, pp. 109-116    PDF

10. Ƭ-curvature tensor on a semi-Riemannian manifold
   by Mukut Mani Tripathi and Punam Gupta, pp. 117-129    PDF

11. Surfaces of smallest areal energy
   by Constantin Udrişte and Ionel Ţevy, pp. 131-142    PDF