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VOLUME 5(2012), NO. 2


1. Some iterative algorithms for solving mixed variational inequalities
   by Abdellah Bnouhachem, M. Aslam Noor, Abdellah Massaq and Sheng Zhaohan, pp. 01-12    PDF

2. Semilattice-ordered semigroups with apartness representation problem
   by Daniel A. Romano, pp. 13-19    PDF

3. Coincidence point and fixed point theorems in ordered cone metric spaces
   by Binayak S. Choudhury and N. Metiya, pp. 20-31    PDF

4. A decision functional for multitime controllability
   by Cristian Ghiu and Constantin Udrişte, pp. 32-45    PDF

5. Fixed and stationary points of generalized weak contractions
   by S. N. Mishra, Rajendra Pant and S. Stofile, pp. 46-53    PDF

6. Fixed point theorems for occasionally weakly compatible expansive mappings
   by Mukesh Kumar Jain, B. E. Rhoades and A. S. Saluja, pp. 54-58    PDF

7. A generalization of Banach contraction principle in ordered cone metric spaces
   by S. K. Malhotra, S. Shukla and R. Sen, pp. 59-67    PDF

8. Coincidence and fixed points of weakly contractive maps
   by S. L. Singh, Ashish Kumar and S. Stofile, pp. 68-81    PDF

9. Introducing a nonlinear connection in a Lagrangian supermechanical system
   by E. Azizpour, pp. 82-89    PDF

10. Geometry of quasi-sum production functions with constant elasticity of substitution property
   by Bang-Yen Chen, pp. 90-97    PDF

11. A fixed point theorem of integral type
   by B. E. Rhoades, pp. 98-100    PDF

12. Uniform polynomial trichotomy of evolution operators in Banach spaces
   by Magda Luminiţa Rămneanţu, pp. 101-106    PDF

13. Optimality conditions and duality in minmax fractional programming, Part I: necessary and sufficient optimality conditions
   by G. J. Zalmai and Q. Zhang, pp. 107-137    PDF

14. Erratum to "Suzuki contraction theorem on a 2-metric space"
   by S. L. Singh, S. N. Mishra and S. Stofile, pp. 138    PDF