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VOLUME 6(2013), NO. 1


1. Tripled coincidence point theorems for weak φ-contractions in ordered partial metric spaces
   by Sana Hadj Amor, pp. 01-11
   Abstract (pdf)

2. Common fixed points and invariant approximation for noncommuting asymptotic weak contractions
   by Sumit Chandok, pp. 12-18
   Abstract (pdf)

3. Study on certain subclasses of analytic functions
   by Imran Faisal and Maslina Darus, pp. 19-24
   Abstract (pdf)

4. Extended Riccati sub-ODE method for solving nonlinear differential-difference equations
   by Qinghua Feng, pp. 25-33
   Abstract (pdf)

5. Iterative approximation for common solution of a finite family of m-accretive operators
   by Balwant Singh Thakur, pp. 34-42
   Abstract (pdf)

6. Sensitivity analysis of some quasi variational inequalities
   by Muhammad Aslam Noor and Khalida Inayat Noor, pp. 43-52
   Abstract (pdf)

7. Common fixed points for contractive mappings of integral type in G-metric spaces
   by W. Shatanawi, S. Chauhan, M. Postolache, M. Abbas and S. Radenović, pp. 53-72
   Abstract (pdf) || Full text (pdf)

8. One-step implicit algorithm for two finite families of nonexpansive maps in hyperbolic spaces
   by H. Fukhar-ud-din, A. R. Khan, A. Kalsoom and M. A. A. Khan, pp. 73-81
   Abstract (pdf)

9. Optimality conditions and duality in minmax fractional programming, Part II: First-order parametric duality models
   by G. J. Zalmai and Q. Zhang, pp. 82-106
   Abstract (pdf)

10. Oscillation for a class of nonlinear fractional differential equations with damping term
   by Bin Zheng, pp. 107-115
   Abstract (pdf)

11. Generalized ideals with a triangular norm
   by Motilal Panigrahi, S. Nanda and G. Panda, pp. 116-126
   Abstract (pdf)

12. Coupled fixed points of geraghty-type mappings in G-metric spaces
   by Renu Chugh, B. E. Rhoades and Madhu Aggarwal, pp. 127-142
   Abstract (pdf)

13. Hybrid projection methods for the general variational-like inequality problems
   by N. K. Mahato and C. Nahak, pp. 143-158
   Abstract (pdf)

14. Coupled fixed points in partial metric spaces
   by Z. Kadelburg, H. K. Nashine and S. Radenović, pp. 159-172
   Abstract (pdf)