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VOLUME 6(2013), NO. 2


1. Geometry of warped product submanifolds: A survey
   by Bang-Yen Chen, pp. 01-43
   Abstract (pdf)

2. A unique tripled common fixed point theorem for four mappings in partial metric spaces
   by K. P. R. Rao, G. N. V. Kishore and M. Imdad, pp. 44-56
   Abstract (pdf)

3. Mixed quasi bifunction variational inequalities
   by Muhammad Aslam Noor, pp. 57-64
   Abstract (pdf)

4. Optimality conditions and duality in minmax fractional programming, part III: second-order parametric duality models
   by G. J. Zalmai and Q. Zhang, pp. 65-96
   Abstract (pdf)

5. Some fixed point results in θ-complete partial cone metric spaces
   by S. K. Malhotra, S. Shukla and R. Sen, pp. 97-108
   Abstract (pdf)

6. L2 decay for weak solutions to nonlinear parabolic equation
   by Xunwu Yin, Rudong Chen and Fengjun Guo, pp. 109-114
   Abstract (pdf)

7. Fixed point theorems for mappings satisfying a new contractive type condition
   by Tayyab Kamran and Muhammad Usman Ali, pp. 115-122
   Abstract (pdf)

8. μ-compact in generalized topological spaces
   by Ahmad Al-Omari, pp. 123-129
   Abstract (pdf)

9. Fixed points of generalized graphic contraction mappings in partial metric spaces endowed with a graph
   by Mujahid Abbas, Talat Nazir and Hassen Aydi, pp. 130-139
   Abstract (pdf)

10. Strong convergence of modified viscosity approximation in CAT(0) spaces
   by Yu Jing Wu, Ru Dong Chen and Luo Yi Shi, pp. 140-146
   Abstract (pdf)

11. Geodesic GT-lightlike submanifolds of indefinite Sasakian manifolds
   by Wenjie Wang and Ximin Liu, pp. 147-153
   Abstract (pdf)

12. Existence results for nonlinear fractional differential equations on ordered gauge spaces
   by Hakimeh Mohammadi and Sh. Rezapour, pp. 154-158
   Abstract (pdf)

13. A Tarski type fixed point theorem for set-valued mappings
   by Fathei M. Zeyada, Ahmed H. Soliman and Mohammad Imdad, pp. 159-161
   Abstract (pdf)

14. On modified α-φ-contractions
   by B. Mohammadi and Sh. Rezapour, pp. 162-166
   Abstract (pdf)

15. A general fixed point theorem for a pair of mappings satisfying an implicit relation
   by Valeriu Popa and Alina-Mihaela Patriciu, pp. 167-173
   Abstract (pdf)