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VOLUME 7(2014), NO. 1


1. Approximating a solution of a finite family of variational inequality problems for η-inverse strongly accretive mappings
   by O. A. Daman and H. Zegeye, pp. 01-13
   Abstract (pdf)

2. Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for φ-convex functions via fractional integrals
   by Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor and Muhammad Uzair Awan, pp. 14-26
   Abstract (pdf)

3. Constructing of exact solutions to the (2+1)-dimensional breaking soliton equations by the multiple (G'/G)-expansion method
   by Mehmet Ekici, Durgun Duran and Abdullah Sonmezoglu, pp. 27-44
   Abstract (pdf)

4. Curvature pinching for minimal submanifolds of a sphere
   by Lei Yuan and Yoshio Matsuyama, pp. 45-55
   Abstract (pdf)

5. Convergence theorem of modified Noor iteration for nonlinear maps in Banach spaces
   by Adesanmi Alao Mogbademu, pp. 56-64
   Abstract (pdf)

6. Fixed point theorems for α-ψ-contractions on metric spaces with a graph
   by T. Sistani and M. Kazemipour, pp. 65-79
   Abstract (pdf)

7. Mizoguchi-Takahashi type fixed point theorem on partial metric spaces
   by Ishak Altun and Gülhan Minak, pp. 80-88
   Abstract (pdf)

8. Fixed point theorems in CAT(0) spaces using a generalized Z-type condition
   by G. S. Saluja, pp. 89-96
   Abstract (pdf)

9. Coupled fixed point results for mixed weakly monotone mappings in partially ordered G-metric spaces
   by Sana Hadj Amor, pp. 97-120
   Abstract (pdf)

10. A partially α-contractive principle
   by Nabil M. Mlaiki, pp. 121-126
   Abstract (pdf)

11. On nonsmooth (Φ,ρ)-invex multiobjective programming in finite-dimensional Euclidean spaces
   by Tadeusz Antczak, pp. 127-145
   Abstract (pdf)

12. Existence and nonexistence results for an ecological model with indefinite weight
   by Saleh Shakeri, Ghasem A. Afrouzi and Armin Hadjian, pp. 146-150
   Abstract (pdf)

13. Polynomials that have golden ratio zeros
   by Jack Maier, Tian-Xiao He and Kurt VanNess, pp. 151-175
   Abstract (pdf)

14. Some fixed point results for α-ψ-contractive type mappings on intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces
   by Sh. Rezapour and M. E. Samei, pp. 176-181
   Abstract (pdf)