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VOLUME 9(2016), NO. 2


1. Coincidence and common fixed points for generalized contractive mappings in

     regular cone metric spaces via new function

   by Arslan Hojat Ansari, Sumit Chandok and Diana Dolićanin-Đekić , pp. 171-182

    Abstract (pdf)


2. Generalized coupled coincidence and common fixed point theorems

   by Muhammad Arshad , pp. 183-193

    Abstract (pdf)


3. Inequalities for MT-harmonic convex functions

   by M.A. Noor, K.I. Noor, S. Iftikhar and K. Al-Bani , pp. 194-207

    Abstract (pdf)


4. Some fixed point results for multi-valued contractive mappings in partial b-metric spaces

   by Abdelbasset Felhi, pp. 208-225

    Abstract (pdf)


5. Non-unique fixed point theorems of Achari and Ćirić-Jotić types for hybrid contractions

   by M.O. Olatinwo, pp. 226-234

    Abstract (pdf)


6. The modified simple equation method and the method of soliton ansatz for solving

    the generalized nonlinear Schrődinger equation with a source

   by E.M.E. Zayed and Abdul-Ghani Al-Nowehy, pp. 235-244

    Abstract (pdf)


7. Common fixed point theorems in 2-metric spaces

   by Vo Thi Le Hang, pp. 245-257

    Abstract (pdf)


8. Equation of oscillations with one common cause of oscillations and with variable amplitudes

   by Jelena Vujaković, Ljubica Lalović and Miloje Rajović, pp. 258-264

    Abstract (pdf)


9. Suzuki type unique common fixed point theorem for four maps using α-admissible

    functions in ordered partial metric spaces

   by K.P.R. Rao, P. Ranga Swamy and M. Imdad, pp. 265-277

    Abstract (pdf)


10. Minty-type lemmas and generalized vector equilibrium-like problems in normed spaces

   by Lu-Chuan Ceng, Yeong-Cheng Liou and Ching-Feng Wen, pp. 278-290

    Abstract (pdf)


11. Existence and non-existence of solution for a singular nonlinear Dirichlet problem 

      involving the p(x)-Laplace operator

   by K. Saoudi, pp. 291-302

    Abstract (pdf)


12. On convergence theorems of modified S-iteration process for generalized

      asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive non-self mappings

   by G.S. Saluja, pp. 303-319

    Abstract (pdf)


13. Triple fixed point theorem satisfying rational type contraction in Gb-metric spaces

   by Muhammad Sarwar, Abdullah and Sayyed Inayat Ali Shah, pp. 320-329

    Abstract (pdf)


14. A note on some recent results about multivalued mappings in tvs-cone metric spaces

   by Huaping Huang, Zoran Kadelburg and Stojan Radenović, pp. 330-337

    Abstract (pdf)


15. Best proxmity point for certain nonlinear contractions in Menger probablistic metric spaces

   by Mehrnoosh Jamali and S. Mansour Vaezpour, pp. 338-347

    Abstract (pdf)


16. On variants of continuity and existence of fixed point via Meir-Keeler contractions in MC-spaces

   by Anita Tomar and Erdal Karapιnar, pp. 348-359

    Abstract (pdf)